The rise of modern technology has shifted our focus on our mobile phones. Instead of looking at our

dusty but trusty newspaper, we opt to search the internet for the latest news. But sometimes, we fall

on a ‘fake’ site, a website which might seem like a real website, but gives off wrong information to

the public. If we are not cautious enough to see the signs, we might fall into its trap.

Citizens are now armed with a powerful device to spread news, but the problem is, they are looking

if the site is legitimate or fake. We need to be aware of the signs to know if a site is credible or not


What’s up with the world? – is the common question millennials asks but due to the emergence of

different websites, a millennial might spread fake news. Worse, give an insight – but doesn’t know

the whole story! A millennial has all the things s/he can get; we must just look very carefully, and see

what is real from what is not.

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