Evaluating Sources in a ‘Post-Truth’ World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News

The issue of fake news has been increasing exponentially in the technological era and it is becoming out of control. Emerging technologies have attracted new ways to spread the fake news and a lot of people have become victims. The reason for this is that a lot of people are still not trained to spot the wrong news. Students should learn the methods and strategies to evaluate the sources of the news and make sure […]

5 Gifts That Are Popular in 2017

Brainstorming for the perfect gift for special occasions can be very frustrating. If you don’t know yet what to buy, then expect to have a hard time wandering around shopping malls, after all, you cannot afford to settle for less especially when you want to impress someone. Whether it is for your significant other or a family member, friends or even officemates; you would want something that he or she will use and will treasure. […]

How are Public Opinion Polls Helpful How can Bias Affect an Opinion Poll

Telling The News Honestly In An Ever Changing World

Circulating false information today has been made easier for many, all thanks to the convenience provided by the internet in helping people breach language and communication barriers to enable the deployment of information from one place to another. With the wave of false information circulating today, lesson plans on fake news have been increasingly encouraged in many schools, given that only a few media outlets and other sources of information know how to tell news […]

A Precaution on How Much Information on the Internet is Accurate

How The Internet Makes It Hard For The News To Lie Anymore

The internet has made it more convenient for many consumers to check the validity of news reports being broadcast over mainstream media sources, given that a lot of bias and fake news has infiltrated main news sources lately. If you want to catch a liar out, you need to know how the internet makes it hard to lie and verify how much information on the internet is accurate. Upon learning the veracity of circulating news […]

Is People's Trust in Mainstream Media Going to Return

Why The Media Is At An All Time Low

With the advent of the internet era, it has now become easier for the public to verify information, especially for those which appear in mainstream media. People have now become more critical when it comes to believing in news stories, especially now that the trust in media polls has garnered declining results of the people’s trust in mainstream media today. Over the past years, the news media approval rating has been declining slowly due to […]