Is People's Trust in Mainstream Media Going to Return

Why The Media Is At An All Time Low

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With the advent of the internet era, it has now become easier for the public to verify information, especially for those which appear in mainstream media. People have now become more critical when it comes to believing in news stories, especially now that the trust in media polls has garnered declining results of the people’s trust in mainstream media today.

Over the past years, the news media approval rating has been declining slowly due to the number of news segments wherein reports being delivered may sometimes be borderline ranting, thereby making the mainstream media lose credibility and making people ask, why is everyone mad at mainstream media outlets?

Why is Everyone Mad at the Mainstream Media

Why is Everyone Mad at the Mainstream Media?

Mass news media used to be the most trusted source of information in the past, but recent trends in the trust in media poll results show that the news media approval rating is slowly declining.

With that said, a lot of people are wondering why everyone is mad at mainstream media, given those news outlets report reliable information to many consumers back in the time. Here are several reasons why trust in mainstream media or the confidence level of Americans to mass media is slowly declining:

1. Global masses prefer first-hand information from their friends and family, especially now that social media remains one of the fastest growing news sources.
2. With the increasing gap between social classes, global public discontentment in the government, the news, businesses, and other organizations are increasing, which shows that the public doesn’t trust mass media outlets anymore.
3. Verifying the truth about news reports have been made easier with the convenience offered by the internet in doing so. Many news reports have been falsely reported, resulting in mass media losing credibility not only to Americans or Europeans but with overall general public also.

These are the reasons why mainstream media is at an all time low, and it is expected that it will be challenging for news outlets to regain consumer trust.

Data from the Latest Trust in the Media Poll: The Current News Media Approval Rating

The data gathered during the latest trust in media polls indicates that the news media approval rating from people is declining, especially now that the global public view news outlets as part of the “elite,” as mentioned earlier.

A whopping drop of eight percent from the previous trust in media poll‘s news approval rating has been reported, and this marks that the trust in media is at an all time low. Unless dissatisfaction continues to dwell in communities without improvement, the current findings suggest that regaining public trust by mainstream media might be difficult.

Is People's Trust in Mainstream Media Going to Return

Is People’s Trust in Mainstream Media Going to Return?

Regaining people’s trust in mainstream media might be difficult for news outlets if they are not eager to show people the truth by blatantly showing biases. Based on the recent study or poll, people who trust main news media sources have fallen to an all time low, and it is said that this is one of the highest disapproval ratings put in a record for mainstream news outlets.

Unless something is done to address the reasons why it is difficult to find a person who trusts mainstream media, then it is expected that the trust in mainstream media will continue to go down.

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