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    Law Enforcement

    Giving Law Enforcement Some Overdue Tools In the Fight Against Terrorism

    It would undoubtedly surprise most Americans to know that despite countless congressional hearings, no major anti-terror legislation has been passed


    Euthanasia: The Chilean congress advances with the “dignified death” project

    Chile is getting closer to the euthanasia law, since on Tuesday, the country’s Chamber of Deputies, approved the bill that


    India Breaks Record with 296,000 Coronavirus Cases and 2,000 Deaths in One Day

    The Indian Ministry of Health has reported this Wednesday the maximum figures of coronavirus registered in the last day, with


    How is Vaccination against Covid-19 Progression Around The World?

    The world is embarking on an unprecedented vaccination process to curb the coronavirus. This path to global immunity is progressing


    Herbert of Pink Panther

    Herbert (or Herbie) Pink is a character in the “Pink Panther” series of films, and is an antagonist to the main character, the eponymous Pink Panther. He is also known…