My Life As A Prisoner In My Own Home

I’ve been living in my own home for the past two years now. It’s a challenge to live in my own home, but it’s also a lot of fun. I adore spending time with my family and friends, exploring the city. However, things have changed since I moved in. My family is now away on vacation, and my friends have all left me. This has left me feeling lonely and lost. The only thing to do is discover a way to manage my crisis.


What is living in my own home?

Living in your own home is a privilege not everyone gets. There are many things that come along with living in your own home, like cooking for yourself, taking care of the plants, or cleaning up after yourself.

That can be a good thing if you’re able to handle those issues independently, but if not, there might be some issues that only family members can help out with.

It can be difficult to find the right balance between being alone and feeling lonely while also having people around who care about you. Once you do, though, living in your own home will feel like this is just what life was meant for!


Why did I choose to live in my own home?

The decision to live in my own home was a tough one. I had just graduated from an institute and didn’t know what I desired to do with my life. I felt lost, so I decided to move out of the dorms and into my place. It was a big step, but it was a step that made me feel more comfortable about myself.

I moved in because I wanted to be autonomous and have my own space. I knew that if I lived in a dorm again, it would be difficult to make friends who were not going through the same thing as me.

Many people might say that living in your own home is not an ideal place to live, but sometimes you just have to do what you need to do at the moment. Living in your own home will allow you to maintain a sense of independence and privacy.


What has changed since I moved in?

I moved in two years ago, so I’ve had a bunch of time to research my new city. The most pleasing part is that it’s an ideal place for exploring on foot or by bike.

But since moving in, I haven’t spent time with my mates as I used to. This is presumably because everyone has their plans and lives now.

Overall, my home life has changed considerably since moving into my own place. It’s a lot more peaceful than when I was living in my parents’ house, but it also makes me feel lonely sometimes too.


What are the challenges of living in my own home?

The main challenges of living in my own home are:

– Not having family nearby.

– Not having friends nearby.

It’s challenging to have a social life when you’re by yourself. Not being surrounded by others makes it hard to meet new people and make friends, which is something I would like to do before I leave for college next year.

I also feel that my home isn’t quite mine yet. It feels like somebody else lives there, and there’s a cause why they’re not around anymore. I don’t know when they’ll come back, and this makes it difficult to get excited about decorating or making the house more personal.


How do I cope with the loneliness and loss?

The coping methods I’ve used to deal with my personal crisis are exercise and travel. I haven’t been as active in my workout routine since moving into the city, but going outside for a walk or jog helps me clear my head and forget about all of my worries.

I also have an amazing aunt who lives not too far away from me. I spend a lot of time with her on weekends and sometimes during the week when she has time for me.

When it comes to traveling, I don’t really have any set plans yet, but there is a trip coming up next month that I am excited about. It’s something different—an opportunity to get out of the city and go explore something new!

It’s tough starting over after moving in, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone in your feelings. If you find yourself struggling, finding ways to cope is vital to getting through the day. In times like these, try some fun activities—exercise or even travel!

Living in my own home means living in a space that is not home. It means living in a space that I don’t feel like my own. Living in my own home is like being trapped in prison. I try to live as though I am free, but, in a way, I’m not really living at all.